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Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2015-2016

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We work hard to be a great at what we do, because being average just isn’t good enough in today’s marketplace.

So we go the extra mile to be the best. The feedback, testimonials, comments and praise we receive from you, our clients, makes that effort worth the while. 

And then something like this happens…

…we’re proud to have collected the four awards this year as well as an award for social media previously in 2014.


Winners are decided based on a rigorous and thorough judging process by a panel of 20 industry experts who assess initial entry submissions before conducting an extensive review of the entrants, which, this year, included over 150 hours of telephone interviews and independent mystery shopping exercises. 

The whole of the judging process was overseen by The Property Ombudsman, Christopher Hamer, and Gerry Fitzjohn, VP of The Property Ombudsman acted as Arbiter.

Thank you Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2015!

Gold - UK Medium "Estate Agency of the Year 2015"

What the judges said

Quality recruitment is the number one priority at Howard Cundey as the directors believe that if they employ the best people, best practice will naturally follow.

They follow the belief that if a company recruits according to attitude and work ethic, that everything else can be taught. The culture at this agency is one of positivity and proactivity and the panel found every evidence that the team buys into this wholeheartedly.

The offices are designed to reflect the branding and ethos however the interiors are also planned according to the location so the fast paced town offices are furnished and set up differently to the more rural locations. Each branch is still instantly recognisable as a Howard Cundey office though.

Every sale is managed by a Client Manager and there were numerous examples of the team exceeding expectations in the service they provided.

Gold - Medium South East "Estate Agency of the Year 2015"

What the judges said

This agency seeks to build long-term relationships with its clients, and the directors understand they can only achieve this aim with the correct people in place. Referrals and repeat business levels are significant and this is due to the expertise and attitude of the Howard Cundey team. Training is continuous, and methods and delivery are amended throughout the progression path to reflect the position of the individual.

Therefore induction training methods and content are very different to the mentoring initiatives that are shared with more experienced members of the team. The directors have identified eight core values intrinsic to the business, and every interaction is undertaken with these in mind. They hold regular internal forums whereby staff can participate in creating plans and strategies for the direction of the business thus ensuring their commitment to delivering on these policies in every customer interaction.

Gold - Social Media "Estate Agency of the Year 2015"

Howard Cundey is an out and out winner in this category. The team identified that social media enables them to reach specific audiences, and they’ve built an enviable online presence. They’ve sought to move beyond gathering likes and followers to build real engagement with the community. There is an exciting blend of online and offline activities, and nowhere was this clearer than with the hugely successful “Howard the Fish”campaign. This is their biggest ever digital campaign and is a shining example of how to get people talking. This started with an online video and was supported by branded printed materials in the office, as well as giveaways such as fish stretch balls. The website was reconfigured so all property searches return fishbowls so all elements were linked. This year has seen them position social media as central to their business, and the directors have committed that all future marketing will be digitally led.


Bronze - Training & Development "Estate Agency of the Year 2015"

Howard Cundey has recruited a Director of Estate Agency to head up the dedicated, state of the art training facility. As an experienced trainer with a background in global sales, they have designed a series of generic tutorials alongside bespoke and individualised lessons to create an all-encompassing curriculum.

Training is delivered by individuals from Howard Cundey alongside expert external trainers. There is a culture of peer learning as they’ve identified which employees have a flair for training and they are now delivering sessions to their teams – a sales consultant is the resident expert on the business software, and one of the directors trains on listings.

The directors have sought to personalise incentives so outstanding individual development is rewarded in a number of ways from voucher schemes to bonuses and recognition at the annual awards presentation.

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