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Selling Your Home in Winter

Top Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

Spring  is traditionally the best time to sell your home. However it can be good to get a head start on the spring rush by putting your home on the market early in the New Year. After the relatively quiet Christmas period the property market picks up again in January. Here we give you our top tips for selling your home in winter after the Christmas festivities:

1. Declutter

This is always number one on our list of things to do when selling your home!  Decluttering allows buyers to view the property without any off-putting distractions thus allowing them more easily to imagine themselves living there.

2. Pavement Appeal

Pavement appeal can increase the marketability of  your home. Ensure your garden is free of leaves and clutter. Put a warm light in the porch or hallway to make the property look warm and inviting from the street.

3. Night Viewings

The evenings will start to get lighter as we approach spring and you should try to arrange daylight viewings when you can. However, when the viewings are in the evenings make your home warm and inviting by putting on heaters and lights to make your home warm and welcoming as you can.

4. Keep the Home Fires Burning

As with autumn viewings if you have you have a fire you should ensure it is on for winter viewings. Coming in to a toasty warm living room with a roaring fire can be really encouraging for a potential buyer. If you don’t have a fire then create a warm and cosy atmosphere by lighting candles (and you can tick two boxes at once by investing in some scented candles).



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