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Javan rhino
Sumatran rhino
Greater one-horned rhino
Critically endangered (Around 63 remain) Rhinoceros sondaicus
Affected by: Habitat loss and fragmentation , Illegal wildlife trade
Asian rhinos have an even more armoured look than their African counterparts, thanks to all those folds in their skin. They’re vegetarians, grazing on tall grasses, shrubs, leaves and fruits – restructuring the landscape as they go.
They look pretty tough but Asian rhinos need a lot of protection right now. The greater one-horned is slowly recovering thanks to years of successful conservation effort, but they’re all at risk from the rising threat of poaching and loss of habitat.
Sumatran rhinos, for example, have been reduced by at least 70% since 1990 – there are less than 100 left in the wild. Vietnam’s last Javan rhinos became extinct in 2010.
The WWF are helping Asian rhinos in several ways, including supporting national park and community-based rhino protection and patrol units, improving rhino monitoring and raising conservation awareness. They are also involved in national programmes to create new rhino populations by relocating some animals where needed.
And they help people living near rhino areas to increase their income through activities like ecotourism, which won’t threaten the rhinos.
Join us and help keep all rhinos safe.

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